We transport your cargo with our fleet of late model tractors and air-ride, high cube trailers.
Coupled with our comprehensive maintenance program, you have the resource of clean, professional-looking equipment with maximum cargo capacity and minimal equipment downtime. Our strong three-to-one trailer to tractor ratio also allows iM4 Transport customers to save time and money by loading in advance with spotted trailers.

iM4 Transport has quickly established a significant presence in the Temperature Controlled service area.
Our refrigerated fleet has the most innovative equipment utilizing StarTrak technology which allows us to remotely control and monitor key operating statistics such as temperatures, fuel, GPS location, alarms, and solar charging, completely removing responsibility from the drivers. You can be assured your product will be monitored and held at a stable temperature from origin to destination.
iM4 Transport offers dedicated customizable refrigerated solutions throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada. Our current target areas include Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Lousiana, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin,Michigan, Oklahoma, Kansas,Nebraska, North Caroline, Main, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Kentuky, Tennessee, Indiana, Idaho, Colorado, Washington, Utah, and any cross border Mexico and Canada opportunities.
All temperature controlled trailers are fully equipped with lift pads and proper protection to be shipped on the rail. The trailers include the latest and greatest in technology including insulation, both door and temperature sensors, swing doors, 75 gallon tanks and trailer skirts.

As global freight competition intensifies and international trade laws continue to evolve, it’s crucial for companies to invest in professional import-export logistics services.
For every product imported into or exported from the United States, there are hundreds of custom and tariff regulations that must be adhered to – a task that can be overwhelming for international shippers to take on and a risk for any shipment that is not in compliance. Import-export logistics providers with an in-depth understanding of sea, air and ground transportation are far more equipped to handle your global trade needs, delivering a variety of benefits to your business:
Regulatory Compliance –
Global government trade regulations are constantly evolving, creating a complex regulatory environment for businesses that engage in international trade. An experienced import-export partner is familiar with key regulatory bodies like the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT). This familiarity helps you maintain global compliance and avoid costly penalties or other trade roadblocks.
Customs Brokerage –
Knowledgeable importer and exporter teams minimize the amount of time goods are held at customs. An expert provider can expedite the legal clearance of products, ensuring on-time delivery without additional costs. Look for a partner that complies with all regulatory associations (FDA, USDOT, TSA, etc.), and employs licensed in-house customs brokers.
Stronger Supply Chain –
Global supply chain management can turn into a serious bottleneck. Working to manage import-export logistics on your own – or with an inexperienced provider – can result in a supply chain breakdown, creating negative repercussions for your business and shipment success. A knowledgeable freight partner adheres to your business model and consults you to provide solutions and options dedicated to your supply chain while

From origin to destination, we transport full truckloads without intermediate stops or handling throughout the U.S., Mexico, and Canada
Employing the latest technology and customized support services. We have some of the newest equipment operated by what we believe are the most experienced drivers on the road. That means reliability and dependability.

iM4 Transport Dedicated was established to provide a fully staffed business segment devoted to your transportation solutions and services.
Our team is made up of our most knowledgeable and experienced staff members with a goal to be an extension of your business and offering the most efficient and cost effective solutions.
We provide dedicated equipment, safe skilled drivers and industry leading technology. Our team handles the cost management and analysis of market fluctuations so you have the best visibility to your transportation production. iM4 Transport Dedicated allows you to focus on your core business while we handle all of your transportation solutions.
Our custom designed transportation and logistics solutions give our clients a competitive advantage in the marketplace, regardless of location, fleet size or application. Providing quality and helping to grow your business.